What to Do if You Get Into a Car Accident in Las Vegas

At Hwang Law Group, one of our specialties is dealing with Las Vegas car accidents. Here are five (5) tips to keep in mind if you find yourself in such a situation:

#1 Call the police.

  • If you believe the other driver is at fault, you should call the police. Once the police arrive, the officer will help you and the other driver exchange important information you will need. This includes the at-fault driver’s name and car insurance information. 
  • The police officer will investigate the scene and obtain a written and/or verbal statement from everyone involved in the accident, including any witnesses at the scene. Afterwards, the police department will issue a “traffic accident report” which can be helpful in determining who is at fault in the car accident.

#2 Take photos.

  • Take as much photos as you can. This includes photos of your own car – make sure you have photos from all different angles. You should also take photos of the other driver’s car from all different angles. 
  • These photos can be used to determine who is at fault for the car accident. Photos are evidence that can also be used if a lawsuit is filed.

#3 Do not admit fault to anyone, including the police. 

  • If you are sure that the other driver is at fault for the car accident, you should notify the police officer of this information.
  • If you are unsure who is at fault for the car accident, do not admit to fault to anyone including the police. 
  • If you believe that you are at fault for the car accident, it is important to not admit fault to the police officer. If you admit to being at fault and causing the accident, the police officer may issue you a traffic citation.

#4 Seek medical attention.

  • If you are injured, you should immediately seek medical attention. If you delay seeking medical attention, this can jeopardize your claim of personal injury. 
  • If you are unsure on where to go for medical attention, call your primary care physician and they can provide you a list of referral doctors. If your primary care physician is unavailable, you should go to the nearest quick care for hospital for immediate medical attention.
  • If you are scheduled to work the next day, or the same day, and you continue to feel pain as a result of the accident, notify your employer and ask for time off so that you can seek medical attention. Make sure to request a doctor’s note to bring to your employer to avoid any unexcused absence from work.
  • It is important to document your pain. Keep notes of your pain and discomforts on a daily basis and jot down the daily activities you can no longer do without feeling pain and discomfort.

#5 Avoid excessive tow yard fees.

  • If your car is not drivable, it will be towed to a tow yard. Immediately call your car insurance and have them move your car to an auto shop to avoid incurring excessive fees with the tow yard. On average, tow yard companies can charge $200 to $300 per day to store your car at their yard.
  • If you are able to continue driving your car, it is important to avoid driving it before the repairs are completed. The reason is because if you get into another accident, the damages may be disputed by the car insurance companies and they may not be willing to pay for the repairs.