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Your Las Vegas Traffic Attorney

Our Las Vegas traffic attorneys will appear in court on your behalf, saving you the hassle and time from having to show up in court to defend yourself. Most often, our attorneys can reduce your traffic violations to a parking citation which means that there will be NO demerit points on your DMV record, and your car insurance will NOT increase as a result of this citation. Furthermore, it is possible that our attorneys may be able to waive your attendance in traffic safety school.

Las Vegas Traffic Citation Process

We deal with client traffic tickets on a daily basis so we understand that getting pulled over by the police and receiving a traffic citation can be a stressful event. As such, it is important to understand the process so you are prepared.

  • Court Hearing: There will be a court hearing scheduled on your traffic citation in which you must appear in court to answer to the traffic violations.  This can be time-consuming and difficult if you have never appeared in court. We can help you appear in court if you received the traffic violation in the following courts:
    • Las Vegas Justice Court
    • Las Vegas Municipal Court
    • North Las Vegas Justice Court
    • North Las Vegas Municipal Court
    • Henderson Municipal Court
    • Henderson Justice Court
    • Beatty Justice Court
    • Esmeralda Justice Court
    • Goodsprings Justice Court
    • Hawthorne Justice Court
    • Laughlin Justice Court
    • Tonopah Justice Court
  • Demerit Points: Traffic violations can result in demerit points on your DMV record which may increase your car insurance. If you are convicted of the traffic violation, the offense is entered on your driving record and demerit points are added to your record. If you receive 12 or more demerit points in any 12-month period, your driver license may be revoked/suspended for 6 months. Below is a list of commonly traffic violations showing the demerit points that will be assigned to your driving record:
    • Speeding 1-10 mph over posted limit: 1
    • Speeding 11-20 mph over posted limit: 2
    • Speeding 21-30 mph over posted limit: 3
    • Speeding 31-40 mph over posted limit: 4
    • Speeding 41 mph over posted limit: 5
    • Reckless driving: 8
    • Careless driving: 6
    • Following too closely: 4
    • Failure to yield right-of-way: 4
    • Hand-held cellphone use or texting: 4
    • Disobeying traffic signal or stop sign: 4
  • Traffic safety school: You may be ordered to attend traffic school. Attending traffic safety school will only remove the demerit points but the record of conviction remains part of your driving history. Below is a list of traffic safety schools located in the Las Vegas area:
  1. Northwest Driving & Traffic School
    7398 Smoke Ranch Rd Ste 100
    Las Vegas, NV 89128 Tel: (702) 463-5900
  1. A Safeway Driving School
    8515 Edna Ave 160
    Las Vegas NV 89117 Tel: (702) 892-0500
  1. LRS Systems, Ltd.
    2077 E Sahara 
    Las Vegas NV 89104 Tel: (702) 732-0214
  1. Aztec DUI and Traffic Safety School
    1130 E Desert Inn 2nd Floor
    Las Vegas NV 89109 Tel: (702) 868-7851
  1. ABC Therapy
    730 N Eastern Ave 130
    Las Vegas NV 89101 Tel: (702) 598-2020
  1. City of Las Vegas Municipal Court
    200 Lewis Ave
    Las Vegas NV 89155 Tel: (702) 229-2244
  1. Clark County Court Education Program
    200 Lewis Ave. 
    Las Vegas NV 89155 Tel: (702) 671-3280
  1. Smart Choices
    900 South Valley View Blvd Ste. 195
    Las Vegas, NV 89107 Tel: (702) 308-7414