United States Tourist Visas

Now that Covid-19 is slowing down and countries are opening up for tourism, let’s talk about tourist visas to the United States. One of the main documents required for people visiting the United States is the B1/B2 Visa.

How to obtain a B1/B2 Visa

Step one is to create an account on the US consulate website. From there, select the nonimmigrant section to proceed with the application. The application will ask for the applicant’s personal information such as address, family members, social media accounts and purpose of travel. Most people take about an hour to complete this process. Once completed, the website will provide the applicant with an invoice for the B1/B2 visa. The applicant will then need to pay this invoice before proceeding with scheduling the interview at the US Embassy. Once the applicant has scheduled an interview, be mindful of supporting documents that should be presented to the US officer.

Supporting B1/B2 Visa documents: Invitation letter from friends or family members in the United States

If you are planning to visit any friends or family in the US, they may write a letter to the US Embassy stating that they want you to see them. In the letter, they may explain to the officer that you will be visiting and what kind of events they have planned. They may also explain why they want you to visit. An example would be that they may not have seen you in many years.

Supporting B1/B2 Visa documents: Affidavit from a US citizen family member

If you feel that you may have a hard time obtaining an approval for a B1/B2 visa, then an affidavit may be suggested. An affidavit is a true statement that a person is sworn to and may be punishable by law if the person making the statement is found to have lied. In this case, a US citizen may write a statement promising the US government that the person will return to their home country after visiting them. The affidavit can also include details about the intended visitor’s itinerary, where they will be staying during their visit, and when they will return. At the end of the statement, the person will sign the sworn

Supporting B1/B2 Visa documents: Personal bank statements for the tourist

The applicant may be required to provide proof sufficient funds to cover the cost of the vacation to the US. Depending on the length of their trip, they will need to show the officer that they have enough money to pay for the trip. The officer will want to see that the funds can cover accommodations, food, activities for the entire trip. There is no minimum amount of money required, but it must be sufficient to cover your vacation.

Supporting B1/B2 Visa documents: Proof of employment in the home country

The officer may ask the applicant about their employment status and history. The applicant may want to have a letter from their employer stating how long they have been there and their wages.

Supporting B1/B2 Visa documents: Home ownership or long term rental history in the home country

The officer may ask to see property ownership or long term rental history or lease. This is used to prove that the tourist will return back home.

Please remember that this list is not exhaustive. Every person’s case will be unique and if you have any questions, always consult with your immigration attorney. Hwang Law Group may be based in Las Vegas, Nevada, but our experienced immigration attorney is capable of assisting anyone, anywhere regarding their immigration concerns. Reach out today.