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Being arrested for a criminal offense or learning you are facing criminal charges or investigation can be one of the most traumatic experiences in your life. It is important that you speak with our knowledgeable Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer right away. 

Our attorneys are experienced in handling all aspects of the criminal process, including removing arrest or bench warrants, appearing in court on behalf of the defendants, defending and reducing criminal charges, and expunging and sealing criminal records. Let us fight for you to get the best possible outcome for your criminal case.

Why Do You Need a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney?

Without an attorney, you may be unfairly treated by law enforcement such as officers at the time of the arrest. Without an attorney, you may receive great punishments or unwarranted criminal charges. Our criminal defense attorneys know how to protect your rights and fight against the evidence filed against you. Our attorneys will build a strong defense on your behalf.

How Can a Criminal Conviction Impact Your Life?

Having a criminal conviction on your record may have a significant impact on your life. Some common examples include…

  • Losing child custody rights 
  • Immigration consequences
  • Losing out on future job opportunities

Having a criminal conviction can be devastating and the impact can be life-changing. Our attorneys can investigate every detail of your criminal case and build the strongest possible argument in your defense. Our attorneys are experienced in defending criminal charges while protecting your rights in a child custody case. We are knowledgeable in immigration law and will assure that your legal status is not affected as a result of the criminal charges filed against you. 

If you have an active child custody case or need assistance and guidance with your immigration matter, our attorneys are available for a free consultation to address these matters in addition to your criminal case. 

Help in Many Areas of Las Vegas Criminal Law

Our team of attorneys are here to handle various kinds of criminal cases. 

  • Driving Under the Influence
    • Our attorneys can defend you against poorly administered field sobriety tests, falsely high BAC results from breathalyzer tests, and negotiate with the Nevada prosecutor to reduce the DUI charge or seek a dismissal if their evidence is weak or unreliable. 
  • Battery / Domestic Violence
    • Whether you are accused by your partner, spouse, or child, we can assure that your story is told and defend you against speculations or false representations by others. Many times, you may not be the person who committed the crime, or the allegations are deliberately false, or you are acting on self-defense. Regardless, our attorneys are here to defend you. 
  • Drug Crimes
    • Whether you are charged with possession, manufacturing, sale/distribution, or trafficking controlled substance, our attorneys can defend against the criminal charges and build a strong case for you. We have effectively used defenses against drug crimes such as unlawful search and seizure, lawful possession, etc. 
  • Sex Crimes
    • If you are charged with prostitution or solicitation, sexual battery, indecent exposure, the consequences may be harsh and a conviction on your record can have devastating effects in your life. Our attorneys are here to protect your reputation and protect your freedom.

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